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DPS Celebrations

DPS Haldwani CELEBRATION: 2017-18

 Important Celebrations
 Ram Navami (Significance of the Day) 03-04-2017
 Mahaveer Jayanti (Significance of the Day) 08-04-2017
 Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti & Baisakhi (Significance of the Day) 13-04-2017
 Mothers Day (Card making) 07-05-2017
 Buddha Purnima (Significance of the Day) 09-05-2017
 Fathers Day (Card Making) [Fathers day is on 20-05-2017] 13-05-2017
 Anti Tobacco (Rally & Quiz) [Anti Tobacco day is on 20-05-2017] 14-05-2017
 Environments Day (Sapling plantation) & Celebration of Iddul-fitr* 27-06-2017
 Rakhi Making & Mehandi Competition 05-08-2017
Janmashtami (Significance of the Day) 12-08-2017
Independence Day (Flag Hoisting and Cultural Program) Swimming Comp. 15-08-2017
Id-ul-Zuha (Significance of the Day) 01-09-2017
Teachers Day Celebration (Cultural Program) 05-09-2017
Grand Parents Day 11-09-2017
Dusshera Celebration (Garba &Ramleela) 28-09-2017
Gandhi Jayanti &Cleanliness drive 02-10-2017
Maharshi Balmiki Jayantis (Significance of the Day) 04-10-2017
Diya decoration & Rangoli Competition 12-10-2017
Green Diwali Celebration 16-10-2017
Guru Nanak Birthdays Significance 03-11-2017
Uttarakhand Foundation Day (Cultural Programs) 09-11-2017
Childrens Day Celebration 14-11-2017
Fire free Cooking Competition 18-11-2017
Milad-un-Nabis (Significance of the Day) 30-11-2017
Christmas Day Celebration 23-12-2017
New Year Celebration 01-01-2018
Basant Panchami (Worship &Kite decoration) 22-01-2018
Republic Day (flag Hoisting &Sports meet) 26-01-2018
Guru Ravidas jayantis Significance 09-02-2018
Holi 01-03-2018
DPS Haldwani Foundation Day 10-03-2017

Note: All the house boards will be decorated according to the above mentioned celebration.


Evaluation of Scholastic aspect:

First Term- 50% April to September FA1+FA2+SA1=50

Formative Assessment-I 10%April to May May-2ndWeek

Formative Assessment-II 10% June to August August-1stWeek

Summative Assessment-I 30% August to September September 4th Week

Second Term 50% October to March FA3+FA4+SA2=50

Formative Assessment-III 10% October to November November 4th Week

Formative Assessment IV 10% December to January January 4th Week

Summative Assessment II 30%February to March March 2ndWeek


Evaluation of Academic subjects in Classes I to IX.

Assessment are Proposed

Total for formative assessment (FA) =FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4=40%

Summative assessment (SA) =SA1+SA2=60%

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