Teaching Methodology

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Customised Attention for Each Individual Child. Hi-Tech method is used every class has smart board

Customised Attention for Each Individual Child : Best Academic and Behavioural improvement in every child with having limited number of students and Teacher Students Ratio of 1:20 with Digital interactive (Smart) classes in every class.

Unique Adoption Policy For Students : The teachers stay connected with students not only in school but at home also to channelise their energies in the right direction with customised special attention.
Completely English Communication Environment in school and buses monitored by teachers and students as English Language Editors and Bus monitors giving due importance to the global language.
Discipline with quality education, practical knowledge and deep rooted value system. Here students learn by themselves through their active involvement in responsibilities like Hygiene, Uniform, Electricity, Lunch, Ambience, Cleanliness In charge etc.

Clubs : For holistic development of students after mutual consultation involving parents, 45 mins club activity is included after 8 periods of school hours for (Kalam (Science), Satyarthi (G.K), Rehman (Music), Sports club with lawn tennis, badminton, volley ball, basket ball court, Swimming pool and field for cricket and football, Shantineketan (Arts) etc clubs with Remedial Classes are planned and organized as per the need of the slow learners.

Green School Botanical Garden : With more than 3000 varieties of Ayurvedic and Herbal plants and trees the school believes in "GO GREEN GROW GREEN" by involving our students in agricultural practices, afforestation and plantation.

Medical camp for students : Free camps are organized to keep proper check on health issues of the students including physical health examination, blood & haemoglobin tests with maintenance of proper health record.

Discount Policy for Parents : Straight 20% discount in uniform and note books, 15% on International publishers' books and 10% on Liberty shoes is being provided directly to the parents.

Latest Information System : Maintaining complete transparency with parents about daily activities and latest updates through SMS service, Website, Whatsapp and Facebook page.

Best Quality in Nominal School Fee : Appropriate fee is required to be charged for running any institution smoothly but the fee that we are charging is less than what we are providing and it can be realized by the parents themselves once they visit the school personally.
Well qualified and experienced team of teachers. CCTV coverage for safety and security of the students. Professional counselling sessions by visiting experts.

Delighted Souls(Play Group to Upper Kindergarten)
At pre-primary stage, we aim to create interest of books and hands on activity amongst the children. The focus shifts in preparing children to express their views clearly and confidently about any language, person, object, place and structure by analyzing and exploring them at primary stage.
Desiring Individuals (Grade 1 to 5)
At this stage, the emphasis is placed on oral and written expressions allowing children to apply knowledge, experiment and practice. The syllabus is design to nurture a sense of appreciation, desire and engagement towards literature, numerical ability, scientific thinking and life skills.
Analytical Thinkers (Grade 6 to 8)
At this stage, we aspire to bring academic excellence and all-round personality development in our students. Our emphasis is on how to learn rather than what to learn. We aim to make our students analyze the work they are doing which will make them independent and choose the right career to design their own future.
Comparative Analysis